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The company recognized by ISO 9001 : 2008 standards, has attained the skill in engineering of RO Systems, RO Water Purifiers, Industrial & Domestic RO Water Purifiers which ensure complete elimination of every of harmful particulates and contaminants from water and removing the shortcomings of poor quality of water, so preferred in commercial water purification for achieving potable water.


Water is the most crucial and indispensable element for human survival but the problem related to contamination, pollution and adulteration of water gets exacerbated. As we know 75% of earth is covered with water, but only 2.5% of it is fresh water. The repercussion is after every 21 seconds, a child dies of water borne disease.  

Most of the health ailments take place owing to drinking of crummy and unhygienic water. Many a disease like constipation, dysentery, diarrhea, gastric, indigestion, jaundice, stomach aches, stone, typhoid and viral fever are water-borne. Much said and done, but the fact still remains otherwise, each day 1600 deaths are induced by water-related disease. The question stands relevant: Why solution to water related problems does not fall under agenda? Fitness of a person is contingent on the quality of the food & water, he or she takes. 

About Us

Electrotech Industries, recognized by ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. 1071016), as well as being a subscribed member of Water Quality Association (WQA) USA with its officially registered trade mark 'eigen water', of which standard and guidelines meticulously followed in Manufacturing, Marketing, Installation and Servicing of Domestic RO Water Purifiers, Industrial RO Water Purifier, UV & UF Water Purification Systems and their components & accessories, has been remarkably catering to water purification need of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Segments.  

Marketing Scenario

Electrotech Industries has set up country-wide marketing channel as well as engaged a big team of expert personnel in Sales of our equipment.

We have specialization in marketing, installation and servicing of:
  • 'eigen water' RO System, R.O. water purifier for domestic use.
  • RO Membranes, Booster Pumps, Domestic RO Cabinets, Inline Filters, SMPS, Adaptors, UV Lamp, UF Membranes etc.
  • 'eigen water' water purification plant based on reverse osmosis technology suitable for bottled water plant, food processing units, beverage industries, village plants, swimming pools, pharma industry, textile industry, green houses, farm houses, ice industry, and poultry farms.
  • 'eigen water'  Drinking water Filtration system without & with the Ultraviolet Sterilizers.
  • 'eigen water'  Hot and cold Water dispensers with R.O. System inbuilt.
  • 'eigen water' Industrial R.O. water purification systems for R.O. water purification systems used in the application of Banquet Hall, College, Factory, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses, Institutions, Laboratories, Offices, Restaurants, Schools.
  • 'eigen water' Environment-friendly Water Coolers with integrated RO SYSTEM.
  • Manufacturing of Domestic RO Cabinets, Power supply, adaptors, SMPS, UV Choke, Auto flushing valves etc.
  • Water softening plant for applications in industry like laundry, boiler, soft drink plant, ice factory etc.
  • Offering AMC for Equipment delivered by us.
  • Supply of spares, components and accessories for water treatment industry.