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Domestic RO Systems
We deal in premium quality Domestic RO Systems, which come with high purifying capacity and are fully automated. Removing active and inactive viruses and bacteria, these products are not totally dependent on electricity and are appreciated for their low cost consumables and maintenance. Capable to remove dust and particles, these are also beneficial to take out the creaky odors, tastes and colors from water.
Domestic RO Cabinets
We offer Domestic RO Cabinets, which come with extended service life and are appreciated for their ideal execution. Proffered with advanced purifying technology, these can be used as table tops and wall mounting. Made accessible with user friendly & attractive model options, these cabinets are easily applicable due to their assorted storage capacity.
RO Booster Pumps
RO Booster Pumps are made to rise the water pressure to its ideal level when it gets into the reverse osmosis unit. Giving reliable inlet pressure to insure best performance of RO systems, these products are perfectly suitable to be operated with hydro-pneumatic storage systems as well as hydraulic shut-off valves. Effectual for recirculation based utilization, these give hassle free performance.
RO Membranes
We offer RO Membranes, which are capable to remove waste materials from water by holding the solvent molecules. Incorporated with reverse osmosis membrane technology, these are befittingly suitable for seawater desalination and various other applications. Widely applicative for industrial waste-water decontamination, these efficiently assist in the preparation of pure drinking water from nearly all kinds of source.
Inline Water Filters
In a search of an inline post filter that can efficiently work for reverse osmosis water filter method? Offered Inline Water Filters are the versatile tools, which can be employed for large-scale plants for the desalination as well as industrial water treatment. Assisting you to have crystal clear and pure water, these can also be used for the filtration system of your house.
Water Filter Housing
We are offering Water Filter Housing, which is highly versatile on account of its wide range of assorted port sizes. Coupled with mounting alternatives, it has the ability to modify cartridge types whenever needed. Impeccably perfect for reverse osmosis system and water filtration system, it is durable and compact enough to be utilized anywhere in various situations, be it at home or industrial processes.
Solenoid Valves And Float Valves
Solenoid Valves (S V) And Float Valves are fundamentally electrically worked gadgets in which the valve attachment is held up via a spring. These are efficient to control the fluid level and preclude stuffing tanks. The valves have mechanical operation and come with astonishingly advanced cycle life and quick performance.
UV Components
We offer UV Components, which are the indispensable parts of an ultraviolet disinfection system. These are chemical-free, highly effective components, which make the use of efficient method for removing the bacterial contaminants from water. Every component has a vital role to play and produce UV-C that is the wavelength of UV buoyant having germicidal properties.
RO Adapters and SMPS
Offered Adaptors and SMPS are widely utilized in domestic RO system for the provision of electrical connection without making changes in the voltages. Offered products are appreciated for their shock proof nature, elevated durability, sturdy construction and energy efficiency. These advance power supply systems are extremely better then conventional ones.
Filter Cartridges
We deal optimal quality Filter Cartridges, which insure high flow, high surface area and low initial pressure drop. Accessible with a longer filter life, these cartridges have the benefits of depth and thickness, preventing more materials to be impeded and separated by the filter. These are well disposable and can be effortlessly replaced.
RO Fittings
RO fittings are used to connect the piping and tubing during the installation of Reverse Osmosis system. These fittings do not require any kind of additional tool for their installation. A cut made into the pipe and the fitting is inserted for a safe connection. Copper being an aggressive metal does not find usage for making fittings for the RO system.
RO Piping / Ro Tubing
The piping and tubing for the Reverse Osmosis system are made either with PVC material or stainless steel because these material render high resistivity against corrosion. Our offered RO Piping and Tubing is used for transferring of water from the tap to the system and connect the systems efficiently.
Clamps / Brackets and Stand
Our rendered Clamps, Stands and Brackets find usage in the water purifiers and help in filtration of water to obtain uncontaminated and mineral water. These accessories are ideal option for the people for whom health is an essential factor and do not want to compromise with the well being of their family.
Domestic RO Taps and Faucets

Our reliable Reverse Osmosis Faucets and Taps are highly demanded for domestic purposes. These faucets are available with an installation kit along and different configurations such as Non-Air gap and Air gap. The mentioned faucets can be easily installed at any place or onto kitchen sink and also help in obtaining fresh and filtered water. We offer protective design of the tip for preventing after-drip.
RO Accessories

RO Accessories play crucial role in the proper functioning of the RO system. Our offered accessories are used in the water purifiers that work on the process of Reverse Osmosis and help in obtaining uncontaminated water which is safe for drinking and cooking. The mentioned accessories have smooth finishing and have high resistivity against corrosion.
Mineral Water Pots
Our offered Mineral Water Pots are an ideal choice for obtaining mineral water by purifying contaminated water. By consuming water utilizing these pots, one ensures that the person is consuming natural water. These pots includes seven steps for filtering chlorinated water to the mineral one. The mentioned pots neither require electricity to work nor plumbing for its installation.
Domestic RO Water Purifiers

Our offered RO Water Purifiers for Domestic usage helps in purifying water by using a semipermeable membrane which is used for removing ions and other contaminated particles present in the water. This is done for obtaining drinking water from various untreated sources which includes groundwater, river or lakes. These are specially made to utilize less space and enhance the decor of kitchen.
Domestic UV / UF Water Purifiers

Our offered Domestic UV / UF Water Purifiers are used for household purposes in many developing countries to purify water by obtaining water which is free from all kinds of contamination and fit for drinking. These water purifiers are engineered in such a way that these render utmost protection from voltage fluctuations. The mentioned purifiers do not require weekly cleaning of the UF membranes.
Commercial RO Water Purifiers

All over the world, Water Purifiers based on the process of Reverse Osmosis is used for a number of Commercial purposes which is used for treating contaminated water so that it can be made fit for drinking. Based on this application, we render Commercial RO Water Purifiers that are used in various malls, food courts, restaurants, hotels and many more.
Industrial RO Water Purifiers
We offer Industrial RO Water Purifiers that find usage in various industries and is usually used for treating the water so that it can be reused and disposed properly. Raw water that enters into an industrial plants is treated for fulfilling various requirements and be useful in various processes including cooling, rinsing, cleaning, heating and many more. 
Kitchen Chimney
Kitchen chimney are used to make the cooking area/kitchen smokeless. They can also be treated as the kitchen décor equipment. Buy from us these chimneys of various design and specifications at affordable cost.